Fly Fishing Gear

September 26, 2009

Thanks to the helpful guys at Fisherman’s Loft on Lincoln Rd I have acquired a fly fishing starter pack! Who knew fly fishing would be so expensive – a family license alone is $130+ – as someone pointed out, even if I am lucky enough to catch a fish it will be the most expensive trout dinner I have ever had. I ended up with a Sage Vantage rod which is their new, entry level rod replacing the Launch. Also bought basic Sage reel, Rio Gold line, Mclean net complete with built-in scales and a few other goodies around flies, tippet and nippers. Christened it with a bit of practice casting in the backyard which immediately saw line in various trees but no permanent damage done. A trip to Hagely Park is now required though for a bit more space while we wait for 1 October and the season opening. I am also optimistically exploring fish smoking techniques – details of which will follow if I ever manage to extract a trout from a local waterway.


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