Horseradish Cream

September 28, 2009

Who knew! Absolutely cracking stuff – at a relatively vast price! I have had very little exposure to horeradish but had it recently smeared between roast beef and a wrapper of proscuitto – absolutely beautiful. I think it acted as both tenderiser and taste sensation. Mandy’s is the well known manufacturer although my wife experimented with some basic horseradish out of a bottle mixed with sour cream and some basic herbs and it was great.


3 Responses to “Horseradish Cream”

  1. How did the taste compare to what is packaged as wasabi – which is horseradish mixed with some other things?

  2. Way, way milder – almost has a sweet flavour. No hint of the sinus cleanout you can get with the wasabi that comes with your sushi! Goodness knows what they must add to it to generate that effect.

  3. The rough ingredients (needs a little work yet) for home-made horseradish cream are:

    * Bottled crushed horseradish (bit like packaged crushed garlic)
    * Sour cream
    * Lemon Juice
    * Pepper



    If anyone comes up with an actual recipe would love to see it

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