Pilsner under way

October 20, 2009

Batch of pilsner that has been fermenting for nearly 2 weeks now, is just about ready to bottle.

It is made from a Muntons Gold Continental Pilsner kit – all malt, no added sugar which I gather is going to give me a superior result.

It is now at specific gravity of 11 – I almost bottled it a few days ago at 14 when I thought it had stopped bubbling but it must have warmed up a little (or just got a fright) and has been bubbling quietly for a few more days.

Tastes quite bitter (in a beery way) which is hopefully a good thing – looking for a good summer bbq beer so hopefully this is it.


3 Responses to “Pilsner under way”

  1. All bottled now – 29 bottles undergoing secondary fermentation, hopefully ready for sampling around late November

  2. The beer is in plastic bottles and I can feel it firmin gup – so at least it shouldn’t be flat. Taste is of course a whole other issue. It is coming up to 4 weeks in the bottle.

  3. Beer continues to condition away – bottles now feel pretty much ready to go – I think a sunny Friday afternoon and could be some sampling done

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