November 9, 2009

Honey, water and yeast – mix it together and you get mead. I had never tried it – but now I have. Havill’s Authentic Mead from Rangiora make a range of meads and I was lucky enough to try the Manuka. Havill’s was established in 1964 and is apparently NZ’s only commercial meadery. You might wonder why that is. Perhaps mead is a great undiscovered drink waiting to explode on the NZ public. Or perhaps it is because mead tastes like bitter whisky without the complexity or depth of finish. I know which I think it is. You may have to try some and make up your own mind


One Response to “Mead”

  1. For more on mead, check out There is a list of a number of meaderies in Australia and it’d be great to see Havill’s get listed as well. It’s a growing world-wide trend…

    As Levi-Strauss said “mead bought us from nature to culture” and we believe will also lead us from culture back to nature.


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