Runner Bean Chutney

February 6, 2012


Clearly we are not the first people to discover that runner beans are pretty productive!

Haven’t tried this recipe yet but it is now on the list



October 22, 2011

Two quince trees going this year – both in full flower at the moment so fingers crossed for a great crop.


September 5, 2011

Went to the nursery to get some snapdragon seeds but couldn’t find any! Turns out they are Antirrhium – and they are going in today. I plan to put them in a bed on their own to produce cut flowers for in the house – plus maybe attract the odd bee for the vege garden. Reading the packet they may not be altogether straightforward though.


September 4, 2011

Cucumber Miniature White Wonder – Cucumis Sativus – only 10 seeds in the pack! Anyway they are all planted – apparently these are a “great miniature yellowish-white eating cucumber.

Better remember to save some seed too (assuming something grows)


August 28, 2011

Just planted 10 seeds of Cucurbita Pepo Zucchine Italian Striped. Put them in toilet rolls – theory is that once the frosts have cleared you put the whole thing in the ground so minimises disturbance of the roots.

Spring Seeds

August 27, 2011

Just munching on a final few turnips that sat in the garden all winter without getting any bigger than a golf ball – they were nice – very crunchy and a little bit sweet with a hint of radishy flavour – not really worth it for the six mths they sat in the garden.

Just put some new seeds in – hopefully not too many hard frosts to come. Got the seeds from TradeMe (gardenstuff). So far have planted today:

  • Corn Supersweet Madison Gold F1 – just two short rows for now
  • Russian Red Kale – 1 row across a raised bed
  • Petit Pois Provencale – 1 row under the quince tree – plan to do some follow up plantings in a fortnight or so

Also moved the strawberries from the middle of the raised beds to the edges – I gather the idea is to get the leaves and fruit growing over the edge so they don’t go rotten.


August 21, 2011

Peas have also gone in this weekend to see if I can get an early crop going (hopefully no more snow) – “easy peasee” variety left over from last year. I have also bought some “petit peas” to go in a bit later. Peas were a rare success from my efforts last year so plan to go long with them this year.