May 20, 2010

60 bottles of beer now at various stages of conditioning – so basically I am ready for a pretty severe beer famine. Latest is a Munton’s porter – am at the standard “I wonder when is the soonest I can try one stage” – I think another couple of weeks yet. Stout and English Ale both being worked through without any complaints.

The Porter innovation was that I used some fairly sharp swingtop glass bottles – they are a full 750ml – the bigger the bottle the more I seem to drink overall – some sort of cosmic law perhaps?



November 24, 2009

Purchased my next beer kit today – Muntons Gold Stout – apparently best made in the warmer months then left to condition for a while before drinking in winter – sounds good to me!

Pilsner under way

October 20, 2009

Batch of pilsner that has been fermenting for nearly 2 weeks now, is just about ready to bottle.

It is made from a Muntons Gold Continental Pilsner kit – all malt, no added sugar which I gather is going to give me a superior result.

It is now at specific gravity of 11 – I almost bottled it a few days ago at 14 when I thought it had stopped bubbling but it must have warmed up a little (or just got a fright) and has been bubbling quietly for a few more days.

Tastes quite bitter (in a beery way) which is hopefully a good thing – looking for a good summer bbq beer so hopefully this is it.