Freezing Runners

August 6, 2010

Another fishing adventure to Lake Lyndon a few weeks back – actually might have been a bit longer ago than that – anyhow – it was cold! Pulled in just around dawn and started casting. Pretty soon I started to think i was casting even worse than normal. Checked my line wasn’t looped up somewhere or perhaps missed a runner on my rod – but all seemed ok so pressed on. Still struggling so had a second look – this time I noticed that the water on my line was freezing on the runners causing a lot of extra resistance. I figured at that point it was no time for fishing (needless to say I had experienced a complete lack of bites) and packed up. As I drove off and over Porters Pass the snow really set in and snowed nearly all the way to Darfield.


Lake Lyndon

October 27, 2009

Bravely headed to Lake Lyndon over the long weekend hoping to catch me some trout. No joy though – turns out the Lake is closed until 7 Nov (who knew). Nice drive up there though, a little over an hour from Christchurch, just past Porters Pass. Rather than waste a trip I tied on my “piece of wool” (technical term) and spent a few hours practicing my fly casting into various degrees of the prevailing nor-wester. Judging by the amount of tangles and the number of times I hit myself in the back of the head, the addition of a hook to my outfit is a step not to be taken lightly. And by the way – I saw zero fish!