The Lawn!

May 20, 2010

Regular sulfate of ammonia spread over the lawn plus spot targeting of the same stuff on flat leaf weeds has made a big difference – now looks somewhat loved. Now tackling moss which is a big problem, particularly coming into winter. Sulfate of iron does the job but of course leaves big dead patches. Have read that I am supposed to de-thatch the lawn and also core it to improve drainage – and to top it off I have some large holes appearing in the lawn – could that be grass grub? Does look good when freshly mown but not as low maintenance as I had hoped – and that is the front lawn – the back lawn is bigger and much shabbier – lumpy and gets completely waterlogged.


Lawn Care

April 8, 2010

Our back lawn is looking very tragic. Lumpy with associated dry spots, full of clover and generally not going well. Very very hard in places and as a result tends not to drain too well either. From my web research sounds like I may need to hire a lawn corer! Apparently run that over the lawn to get some aeration going then top off with some sand to support the cores and also smooth out the lawn a little. Quite a palaver so still debating (with myself) if this is the way forward.