Spring Seeds

August 27, 2011

Just munching on a final few turnips that sat in the garden all winter without getting any bigger than a golf ball – they were nice – very crunchy and a little bit sweet with a hint of radishy flavour – not really worth it for the six mths they sat in the garden.

Just put some new seeds in – hopefully not too many hard frosts to come. Got the seeds from TradeMe (gardenstuff). So far have planted today:

  • Corn Supersweet Madison Gold F1 – just two short rows for now
  • Russian Red Kale – 1 row across a raised bed
  • Petit Pois Provencale – 1 row under the quince tree – plan to do some follow up plantings in a fortnight or so

Also moved the strawberries from the middle of the raised beds to the edges – I gather the idea is to get the leaves and fruit growing over the edge so they don’t go rotten.