August 21, 2011

Peas have also gone in this weekend to see if I can get an early crop going (hopefully no more snow) – “easy peasee” variety left over from last year. I have also bought some “petit peas” to go in a bit later. Peas were a rare success from my efforts last year so plan to go long with them this year.



August 21, 2011

Gave Celeriac a run over the winter – not too bad – I don;t think mine grew particularly well – it developed masses of tendrilly roots off the base of what I think is the desired solid base. Very tasty though – we used them in stews. Given not much else grew I think I will give them another go next years


November 28, 2009

I have had 6 nice cos lettuce growing for a few weeks now and getting a good crop of lettuce leaves. All of a sudden, one of them has just dropped dead – just laid down all its leaves and is a sad lettucey blob on the ground. Only thing I can think is it got a bit hot – I have read (subsequently) that lettuce don’t necessarily like the midday sun. So I am attributing it to lettuce sunstroke and will plant my next lettuce in a different spot – but if anyone has an alternative theory I would love to hear it

Broad Beans

September 25, 2009

Last year’s one success story was broad beans. So they have gone back in again this year – I can count 18 little seedlings that have now come up – so we will see how they go!